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A Kilo of Green

Co-Curated by Coco Allred + Ema Furusho

November 2019

the Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

Featuring work of:
Jamison Edgar

Stephen Michaels

John Carson

Coco Allred 

Miranda Miller

Jenn Gooch

Paola Mathus


The works in A Kilo of Green grapple with the potential of color without a name and color dependent on language.

A kilo of green is greener than half a kilo of green.

The color red is red because it is neither orange nor purple. 

At times, color is a departure point. The material of color is supplemented by the language that surrounds it. Other times, language falls short of the richness and particularity of color. The name of color cannot encompass the whole of what it means to be a color: the symbols, emotional associations, and simple materiality of a particular pigment. Artworks that incorporate color by these means examine color as a destination. 

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